LRF Fishing in Mallorca day 2

So after the mandatory, to large, buffet breakfast i decided to go to the bay at Sólla today.
Its a nice bay, i would guess 200meterish long with both shallow and deeper areas.
As it early in the day and the sun is shining, i decided to go fishing at the bottom or close to it.
A 2 hook dropshot rig with Isome always works well. :)
Theres a nice onland wind making it a bit less hot :) This place is just beautiful, crystal clear water where you every now and then see those large mullets swim by just below the surface :)
Didnt catch more then 3-4 fish this morning, had alot of bites though. Mental note to uneself, next time, ill probably use hooks 1 or 2 sizes smaller. :)
But fun fishing! And got to add some more species to my list :)
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