In my search for the dream LRF rod i ordered a Zenaq Blackarts..

Zenaq.. thats the eqvivalent of a Lotus Exige Cup 430 in the carworld..
Totally handbuilt, top of the line, purposebuilt sexyness... :)
You may like their looks or not, but you can not in any way, come down on the quality of those rods.
I ordered a Zenaq Spirado blackart, its actually a rod specially made for Blackbass fishing in Japan.
I contacted Zenaq customer support regarding what rod to choose for my LRf fishing in the waters i fish and the methods i use.
The discussion came down to a..
S0-70 Wide Shooter  < Controlling several light rigs >

Length: 7'0" / Lure: 1/32-5/16oz / Line: MAX 8lbs
As its name “Wide Shooter”, long length of 7feet brings a long casting ability, and it enables to approach wider range both from shore and on boat. Main kures are several kinds of reaction light rigs. Also, since it has long length, S0-70 is very beneficial when rod stroke action (both vertical action and side-way action) is needed. Moreover a butt section is more powerful than S0-62

Im superexited when it comes to trying this one out side by side to the Tenryu Lunakia 2019 model. Both rods should arrive early next week so i will have a nice weekend testing out two what i belive, will be amazing rods in a weekend or two :)

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