Zenaq Plaisir Answer 99 - Handmade in Japan

So what or who are Zenaq? If you are happy with whats readily available on the market, all those SG, Shimano and Daiwa things, you probably never heard of Zenaq.
Zenaq is a small company that started making bamboorods in Japan 1960.
They handbuild some fantastic rods in a small factory in Japan.
Their history here :)
But if you are like me, a nerd, you look for perfection in the tools.. Like the rod.
For me, im now at Zenaq, incredibly beautiful pieces of completely handmade rods.
I dont care how good factories they make stuff in today, its still a massproduced piece of common gear.
Zenaq, every rod is handmade to perfection..
So i got me a few of those for my fishing, for my "regular" fishing with jigs and baits i got a Plaisir Answer 99. Its classified as a "seabass rod", which for me is a pretty all around rod for medium fishing.
Rod comes in at;
Lenght 9.9" ~300cm 2-piece
Lure weight Max 45gr
Rings Fuji Titaniuml K-guides with Torzite rings and Zenaq titanium guides
The build quality is just incredible, i always find things i dont like, some scratch, some laquer blob.. Something.. this rod.. havent found anything sofar, must look harder.. :)
Those tiny first rings from Zenaq going against all theory of having a large first ring..
The handle is noticeably thicker at the butt end than at the reelseat, simple thing but enhaces grip while casting hugely, neat! :)
The reelseat with those solid lockrings, locks down the reel like a rock.
Very simple and nice asthetics, im no real fan of colorblotched rods.
The quality of bindings are incredible, even as, i dont know what. Its probably the only thing that irritates me about this rod, i ALWAYS find flaws.. Thats what gives me a reason to buy more stuff!! :) But here..  No..
The rod uses the RG guide system so it got something like.. 18 rings i think?
Well what can i say, this is a beautiful piece of fishing equipment.
Honestly, i dont know if i should frame it and hang it on the wall..
Or dare taking it fishing..
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