First feel of the Zenaq Snipe S86XX Long Cast RG Model

My latest addition to my rod setup is a Zenaq Snipe S86XX Longcast, a rod that trully lives up to its name.
Im trying to consolidate my rod lineup, finding those rods that exactly fill my needs. Right now iv more or less went from 14 rods to 5 and for some reason, they are all Zenaq rods.. :)
It was lots of rain and thunder here, so i had to wait until quite late in the evening to take the rod out for its first trip to the coast.
The Snipe S86XX Longcast is classified as a "Shore rock" rod, it got quite a backbone but a really light and sensitive tip and fast action. Thats one thing i really love about the Zenaq rods, their different rods really got a different charachter, which is easily felt between the different models.
Beautiful evening after the rain, almost no winds at all, warm and humid, so much that theres a slight fog lingering over the water surface.
So this rod casts incredibly long for just being a 8.6 fot long rod.
Its classified as 8-40gr so i tried it out with some 20gr metal jigs, paired it with my Stella FJ 4000 (I use the 5000 handle as i like the feel better).
It casts those really reliably, no stress on the rod whatsoever, i didnt really push the rod either. I didnt feel like i had to :)
Taking into concideration that there was no winds, this rod reliably casts 80-85m with ease.
I did push it a bit for a few cast to see how the rod would respond, those casts whent so far that i couldn actually see where the jig landed, the sun was setting so there where to many reflections. But i would say that with slim metal jigs this rod easily throws between 80-100m and thats in my opinion really good for such a short rod :)
A note is that i always throws pedelum casts with the jig at the same hight as the reel.
So sofar, this rod really lives up to its name "Long cast", im guessing that the Zenaq RG is as innovative as they say it is :)
I have to admit i was sceptic to the concept in the beginning, most of us live in the illusion that the first ring have to be BIG to throw far. I know now, that with a large majority of the anglers using braided line, that this is no longer so.
I didnt land any fish, had two takes of some mackerell i guess.
So all in all a good evening, im guessing this will be yet another Zenaqrod i will just love :)
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