Freshwater visit to Gömmaren

I do 99% of my fishing in Norway. So when i can get some fishing time together with friends in Sweden, thats always really nice :)
We try to get together a few times a year for some fishing and just hanging out abit :)
Milton setting up the gear..
So we went to Gömmaren, a nice little P&T lake outside of Huddinge.
I was a member in the club managing the lake before, when i lived in Huddinge, so i know this lake pretty well.
This time of year it can be a bit challenging to get to the Rainbow trout from shore as the water temperature normally is to high in the more shallow areas. You really need a boat to get to the deeper sweetspots in the lake for summer fishing.
Checking out the water at the dog bath area...
One of the first small Perches of the day :)
Biggest fish of the day and one out of 5 for Milton..
Food is important! So we made some sausages and potatomash.. Rolled it in flatbread with shrimp sallad a really typical Swedish dish..
Unhooking another of those small Perches caught by Milton..
So we had a really nice day out in the sun, a bit hard to fish when the lake is full of people bathing and jumping from the cliffs around you..
So lets hope we can get another occasion on later in the year when the water is a bit cooler and the Rainbow trout a bit more active.
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