From the Mediterranian to the north of Norway!

After mainly doing LRF fishing on Mallorca, i really felt for some heave shore slow jigging!
What better place to do that, then in the amazing Saltstraumen in northen Norway :)
Beautiful marriage between mountains and sea, the absolutely best side of Norway :)
Thousands of small Pollocks makes the surface boil as they chase tiny baitfish..
This size Pollock is just abundant, fat on the small baitfish they can be cought in pretty much every other cast... I must have cought about 20 of those in a couple of hours :)
Palms Slow Blatt Cast in 65gr was the lure of the day, managed to catch the odd Pollock in the 3-4kg class as well :)
Used my Zenaq Muthos Sonio rod, classsed for 10-100grs and the Stella FJ 5000 reel, superflexible setup.
Amazingly clear water, where one can see large schoals of small Pollocks as well as one or another really well sized Cod grazing the seaweed for food..
Top catches of the first try was a pair of cods of good size, the biggest one, as usual, got away.. I just couldnt lift it.. So it just swam in under some overhang and parked there...
I gave it slackline a couple of times.. and it swimmed out.. But as soon as i put pressure on it, it just got under the overhang and parked there again.. in the end i just pulled the line of...
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