Last trip to Oslo

So last trip to Oslo i had the opportunity to spend some time fishing again.
I find myself fishing more and more LRF and i think it might be because im a bit lazy.. :)
Its so easy to just pack a small bag and still carry everything with me :)
Weather was nice, almost no winds..
Started the day off with a sand flounder on the first cast, so definately a nice start!
I wanted to fish with some jigs today so i choose the Palms Twitcher as the rod of the day...
Im still kind of surprized about how efficient Isome is, its almost like cheating when fishing with Isome.. :)
Cought some superbeautiful sand flounders (Without waterlice..) Fish is almost transparent in the sun, those small flounders are just beautiful :)
So a nice day out, were i had company of a young swan that completely ignored me and kept baiting off the seaweed in the shoreline :)