A quick 17:th of May evening out to the Oslofjord

Decided to go for a quick trip out in the evening today as it might rain tomorrrow...
Skies were kind of dark and the winds were in the 5m/s range.
There was a bunch of people fishing the opposite side as usual, didnt see anyone of them catch anything though.
I started off with some fishing four flounder, dropshot and Isome... Its always nice getting that first fish, so one can relax afterwards :)
While i was sitting there i saw those huge schoals of fish, just below the surface.
Large plows of water going all over the place..
So i changed to that incredible fish magnet Duo Tetra Works Perakko its a tiny 4.6gr propellerbait. It have to be one of the easiest lures in the world to fish, throw it out, reel it in..
Catch fish..
So fished for maybe two hours and cougt that tiny sand flounder and 3-4 mackerells.
So a really nice quicktrip out, it feels so nice that the mackerell is back and sommer is on its way :)