Stella SWC 8000 to my Zenaq Muthos Accura 100HH

I needed a reel for my new Zenaq Muthos Accura 100HH, those amazing handmade Japanese rods :)
God i love them, im such a rod nerd...
I had a quick chat with the Zenaq staff regarding what reel they recommend for the rod and my targetfish.
So i decided for a Stella SWC 8000, but lets say it wasnt an easy choice.
Iv seen issues reported for this reel, ofc when you talk to Shimano, they have never experienced it..
But lets see, iv been a longtime fan of Shimano. I got 3 other Stella reels, which i fish real hard.
To be honest im not that impressed by the Stellas, are they worth the money? Compared to other brands, i dont know.
This one will chuck 200gr jigs together wit my Muthos Accura 100HH and hopefully reel in some heavy fish.
So lets see how it holds up, otherwise ill try a Daiwa Saltiga which seems to be a really solid reel.
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