Tailwalk Ajist 64/SL mobile unpacking - One more travelrod..

So my most anticipated, last addition to my LRF gear just landed! An absolutely beautiful Tailwalk Ajist 64/SL Mobile travelrod... :)
LRF fishing is a blast, one of those things one can totaly nerd in on.. And shit im done, im nerding in.. Smaller, better, more... Yup, im done for :)
Rod comes in at;
Lenght 6'4" (~193cm) 5-piece
Lure weight 0.1-4gr
Action Fast with soft solid tip.
Rings Fuji SIC KR Titanium frame
Line rating 0.2-0.4PE
Weight 81gr
Comes packed in a hardtube and a really well made clothbag..
Thick rubber band with velcro keeps things nice and secure..
The details and manufacturing is just top notch, one of the best looking rods iv seen..
Just look at the spigots, they are super slim and not bound.. Super attention to detail.
The fit is just amazing :)
Really nice and clean Fuji TVS reel seat, top of the line stuff..
Those spigots.. Wow they are precision made.. Incredible fit, will be nice to see how they hold up for some nice fish.
Paired with my Stella FJ the balancepoint is just infront of the reelseat, if feels magic to handle, it feels like im holding a small marker pen or something..
Superstuff! This one actually from a first impression view, blows the Majorcraft Crostage travelrod out of the water, amazing rod. Cant wait to try it out.