Major Craft Crostage unpacking - Another travelrod

So i got the MajorCraft Crostage in the mail today :) MajorCraft is a Japanese fishing gear manufacturer, with their own factory in Vietnam.
Its a 4-piece travelrod made for the so popular Ajing, Mebaru fishing. So a real light. solid tip LRF rod.
Rod comes in at;
Lenght 7'6" (~223cm) 4-piece
Lure weight 0.5-5gr
Action Extra fast with soft solid tip.
Rings Fuji K
Line rating 0.3-0.8PE
Weight 63gr
So i really like LRF fishing, just the sheer fun of never really knowing what species you will catch is so much fun. So when i started LRF fishing a couple of years back, it made all those baking in the sun vacations to the mediterranean actually fun!
Im not really a sun person so i more of used to "endure" those vacations rather than enjoy them.. Now.. I really enjoy them :) So the hunt for the "perfect" LRF travelrod started some time back, this is one rod that comes highly recommended.
Rod comes nicely packed in the usual travelrod, "folded" semihard bag, nicely held together by some velcro bands and protected by some bobble wrap.
Overall quality seems nice, nice precision in the fittings, bindings and laquer job looks nice and even.
Fuji K rings, seems like pretty much the standard on Japanese rods of this class nowdays.
Really nice, durable rings that last a long time.
Iv always thought the single foot rings look a bit weak.. But they have never popped out on me.
Bindings are nice and even, not "to" much laquer..
White coloured solid tip for that extra bit of sensitivity and give for the fish.
So all in all, looks like a really nice LRF rod. Will couple it with my Shimano Stella FJ 1000 for the LRF fishing. Should make a really nice little packrod for the upcomming season :)
But only fishing will tell, so that will have to wait until the weekend :)