Thinking about investing in a Tenryu Lunakia 2019 model...

The deeper i get into LRF fishing, which i have been doing for 3 years this summer, i get more and more hooked.. (Did you see how i built a really fishing oriented sentence there?..)
I live partly in Sweden and partly in Norway since a couple of years and it was there i sort of got in contact with LRF fishing
So as i constantly browse forums around the world regarding LRF fishing, the brand name Tenryu always comes up. So of course i get curious..
Those rods come in what looks like a really nice lineup. But i think my first interest is this model:
Special model for reaction fishing
It has totally high tension to handle serial operation and it bend in parabolic by loading
It is effective for Jig-Head 1~2g to Metal-Jig and Metal-Pipe up to 3g .
And it forcus to invite and hook by rod work.
Thanks to "Magna-Flex" tubler tip, you don't miss the bite.
K-guide is set for using superfine PE LINE (usuful for mono-filament line)
Looks like a supernice rod for that really light jigging..
That they add this for those rods is a bit interesting though..
  • This is very delicate rod, so sudden load or too upright position of rod may cause breakage.
  • Please put the bottom of tip section ahead into bag to avoid trouble of breakgae. 
  • We may not guarantee it depending on the use situation.
So a true toothpick rod!
But yeah, it looks supernice, it comes highly recommended.. So ill probably try one out.
Anyone who owns one that have some thoughts about the brand? :)