Sun, wind and some LRF fishing around Fornebu in Norway

Weather cleared up a bit so the urge to go out for a quick tour was to hard to resist..
Decided to go to Fornebu again to tick off Flounder from my species list :)
I also wanted to do some jigging.. As this is the same location that i lost a large Seatrout the other weekend.
So the choice of the day was the Palms Shore Gun Evolv "Twitcher" its a really nice rod for just "twitching" jigs and other lures. Great rod for small jigs 1-7grs or small spoons. Casts real well for its lenght and controls jigs like a dream :)
After jigging for a while, without success, i went over to my standard dropshot rig with Isome..
Only took 3-4 casts and i though i got stuck in some seaweed again...
But no, a pretty nice sized Cod had taken the Isome. Full of crabs as they always seems to be :)
The size of the crabs they manage to eat never cease to surprize me, unfortunately this was a Fish in really bad shape so i tried to return it real quick..
The parasite Cryptocotyle lingua is becomming a real common threat to the vild Cod.
It gives the fish whats called "Black spot disease", not dangerous to man but makes the fish look real bad..
It took a couple of minutes of resucitation before it took off on its own.. Its a bit sad seing fish being in this bad shape, even waters like the Oslofjord can be badly affected by pollution weakening the fishes immunesystem..
At the end of the day i also managed to cach the target species, a flounder :)
Minisize but it still counts, so one more species to tick off :)