Some nice lunchfishing in the Oslofjord.

Spring is slowly making its way north, so this weekend presented some nice weather in Oslo.
Great weather for casting some microjigs for fish close to shore.
Almost calm seas and a few degrees on the plus side, maybe a bit to sunny, but just really nice being out by the water.
A few others were out and trying their luck besides me, fishing seemed real slow for everyone.
Nature is waking up and hopefully will the fish be doing the same.
Brought the light shorejiggingrod (Evolv 991) and my Palms twitcher for the LRF fishing as there were almost no winds or sea.
From last season theres some gaps in my boxes, so soon time to stock up for the summer.
Iv really come to like the Palms Slow Blatt Cast lineup, super quality lures with real quality hooks and finish made for all aspects of shore slow jigging.
Fishing was a bit slow, but i managed to land a small cod and a small coalfish.
Nice catches on LRF gear were those small fishes make a nice bend in the rod :)
It feels real nice that the sun is starting to warm, winds are warming up slightly as well.
Summer is on its way with much more fishing! :)