Saturday out at Singö

Had a nice Saturday out in the freezing winds at Singö, north of Stockholm, last weekend.
When i arrived there was still ice on some of the bays that was sheltered from the winds.
The water temperature was probably 2-3 degrees below were one really can start counting on some searun trout being active, so not any sky high hopes for catching some Baltic sea silver :)
We had some bites of undefined sort, but that was pretty much it during the whole day.
But part of fishing is socializing with likeminded and when it comes to that, i had a really nice Saturday out. We fished, had some classic fishingfood in the shape of "Bullens Pilsnerkorv" which is a canned sausage with a fun backgroundstory.
The sausage was first produced in 1953 during a huge Salmonella outbreak in Sweden, the sausage was marketed as "Guaranteed to be Salmonella free".
So lets hope that still goes..
Canned sausage, really nothing i would ever eat otherwise, but when it comes to fishing.. Its a Swedish classic..
Heated in broth with some bayleaf, onion and pepper it tastes like 3 star meal when out in the cold.
All in all a really nice day out in the archipelago, nice spring weather and nice company.