My fishing Googlemap for the inner Oslofjord

I love fishing in the Oslofjord, im from the east of Sweden and the Baltic sea is such a polluted and almost dead sea...
The situation there is critical, with highly polluted waters and some fish that you are not recommended to eat more then maybe once a year or not at all if you are pregnant..
So going to Norway and see waters filled with crabs, shrimps and a large amount of different species is just wonderful to me.
But going fishing in the Baltic sea, just standing there by the shore, sometimes it just breaks m heart...
Im also colocated to Oslo due to work and my woman living there.
So of course i take every opportunity i can to fish in this beautiful western nabour to Sweden.
Norway has an amazingly beautiful coastline, amazing fjords and beautiful rivers.
But as always its not all that easy to know where to start when you are new to an area.
So iv tried to compile together the info i have been able to find on the net into a google map.
Enjoy :)
The map on Google maps