A quickfix of LRF fishing in a rainy Oslo

So the weather was kind of bad, warm around 20:ish, but rainy and somewhere between 5-7 M/s. Sat at home all day waiting for it to maybe clear up a bit, fiddling with my LRF gear.
But in the afternoon a reason came up to get into the car, so i decided to hitch a ride and do a quickstop of LRF fishing..
Bygdöy was on the way for my driver, so i jumped off while she whent on doing her business for a couple of hours :)
Grey skies and a bit windy, but at least the rain had stopped on my way down to the water.
A flyfishing guys was also present, struggling with the winds a bit.
The waterlevels are continiously low, been so all spring.
Todays gear was my MajorCraft Crostage as i wanted something with a supersensitive, solid tip as i was just going for the small wrasses and stuff i know always bite around here..
And of course they were today as well :) This tiny, fiesty Goldsinny wrasse (Stensnultra) is so much fun on those superlight rods.. One actually managed to get back under the rock i was fishing from and snaged my line so i lost my sinker and hook..
Caught a few of those small wrasses, had a nice and relaxing evening out. Not much more to ask for, fishing, catching, LRF.. Nice :)