Lunchtime out for some fishing at Marikova

Marikova is a favourite place to fish, not to far from Oslo, easily accessible and depths up to 100ish meters not to far from shore. Its a quite narrow part of Oslofjorden so you can see and experience the quite strong current in the area. Naturally this contributes to why its such a good place to fish.
Weather was nice and incredibly warm for the end of August. Already from the start we can see large schools of mackerell patrol the area back and forth. I start off with rigging my "go to" rod, the Shore Gun Evolv 991, my Stella 4000 and a Dax 30gr. I want a "heavy" lure so i can cast it far and reach good depths quickly.
The Dax casts real far and sinks even faster.. So i fish the bottom initially and lands 3 Pollocks within the first 30 minutes. Not any big ones, but still, its nice to feel the bend in the rod. Fishing the Evolvrod is just a blast, i can feel the bottom and control both the jigging and fall of the Dax with redicilous precision. Just incredibly fun fishing, active in a very fun and satisfying way :)
After a while i decide to go for the mackerell thats all over the place, so i start to fish at 2-3 meters depth and raise the jigging speed a couple of notches... Of course it doesent take long before the first mackerell bites..
Theres mackerell all over the place, patrolling the area and scaring up baitfish. Lots and lots of mackerell.. i think i hook up 7-8 mackerells within the next hour. Most are eating size with a couple of really nice sized ones :)
Beautiful little fish on the Dax jig. This size of mackerell is a fun fish to catch on the 991 rod. :)
We also did some LRF fishing just below the rock we where standing on, the kids hooked up 7-10 cork wing wrasses (Skärsnultra). Lots of fun fishing those small, strong fishes with LRF gear.
Beautiful small corkwing wrasse cought on Isome and gently released. LRF fishing is so much fun, especially for the kids, because the fight is fun but not uncontrollable and first of all because theres lots of things to catch. And with Isome as bait, you will catch things! :)
All in all a really nice day in the sun, rounded off with putting some sausages on the grill and eating it while sitting in the sun on the warm rocks.  For me, fishing dont get much better then this. I dont care for catching huge fishes, just fishing, feeling the bend in the rod, a good day out and some nice sausages.. It doesent get better :)