Upgraded two reels

Iv been using Penn reels forever, they just run and run and run.. They are built as tanks, not much finesse, but they can take a hell of a lot of beating.. Iv neglected and mistreated mine, but hey have served me so well.
But now i wanted to try something new! So i whent for this shiny beauty.. the Shimano Stella FJ!
Got one little beauty in size 1000 for the LRF fishing, this things runs like a Swiss watch... Spooled it up with J-braid in 0.10mm for now, while i wait for my Varivas Avani Pe0.6 line from Japan. This one will be matched up with the Evolv SFSGS-69UL TW rod. Will see if i can get some LRF fishing for Flounder fit in this weekend, would love to try it out :)
And one 4000XG for my standard midrange shore slow jigging on the Evolv SFSGS-991 SS rod. Thats a marriage made in heaven :) This reel feels like heaven, but proof is in the pudding.. Lets see if it will serve me as well as the Penn Conflicts have..
Intro clips for the Shimano Stella FJ 2018