The Shore Gun Evolv 8'6" 8-28gr 5-piece travel rod

Is without a doubt my favourite travel rod in the 10-30gr range. Im pretty much co-located between Sweden and Norway, so i travel ALOT.. And i like to fish, whenever and wherever i can, so i never travel without a travel rod. Iv got loads, iv tried a huge range of Shimano, Daiwa, SPro, ABU and other travel rods. This one beats them all by miles, direct Japan import and heres partly why..
The build quality on the Evolv rods are just insane, the selected components are all top notch.. You can see the great attention to detail in every assembled part.
Fuji SIC guiderings, light and incredibly durable. From many seen as one of the best ringtypes on the market. Other guides are K-series guides, light and durable..
The guide bindings are incredibly even and without a single flaw, no bubbles in the glue or sharp edges, just incredibly smooth and well done..
The rod got a sober matt black finish with glossy clear bindings.. The X-carbonology is used in creation of the blanks and is clearly visible up to the guidering.
Fuji real seat with some really nice rose gold contrast parts in the gun metal colored reel seat..
Cross weaved carbon on the lower part of the first part of five..
Even the rod bag is of incredible quality, there is not a single loose thread, the seams are exact down to the milimeter on the edges.. And the brand printing on the bag is also of very high quality..
And the carry bag... It got this kind of ugly label.. but the bag itself is of the same incredible workmanship.. Not a single loose thread hanging or uneven seam...
All in all this is a beautiful travel rod made for some serious shore work.
I highly reccommend those rods for anyone looking for a high quality travel spinning rod :)