Stocking up on Power Isome for the LRF fishing

Power Isome from Marukyu is one of those baits that are given almost magical properties by the LRF community. So of course i have some in the pack. "Isome" is nothing more "magical" than a Japanese sandworm species, but this product from Marukyu come well recommended.
Its probably the #1 bait used in the LRF world and for a good reason, it catches alot of fish, almost by itself.. Its scent as well as amino acid infused, bio degradable so wont kill the fish if eaten.. All good stuff!
Its available in 5 colors and four sizes from S that is 8cm to XL that is 11cm long and much thicker. So they are suitable for everything from LRF fishing to normal double flapper rigs for larger fish.
Fish it on a jighead, on a two hook flapper, Texas style, hell throwing it out after a leadshot on a single hook works!
Can be bought from Veals Tackle among others
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