Some LRF fishing in the Oslofjord

I really like mixing up my shore slow jigging with some LRF fishing, just picking up the Evolv Twitcher rod, Stella 1000 reel,  small box of stuff and a bag of isome, thats all you need!
LRF fishing is so much fun, because you pretty much know you will catch someting, you can never be sure what, but always something :) You can fit everything you need in the pockets of your jacket, no need for bags and stuff :) Just stash and go fishing.
Started off with a small "Knurr" a grey gurnard, not so strange as this species really like sandworms which is what the Power Isome looks like.
A beautiful little bottom dweller :) This was the first time LRF fishing for my woman and lets say, shes hooked!! ;) After all thats the fun part of fishing, catching stuff :)
We cought alot of small gobies as well, those are really plentiful in the Oslofjord. It was a nice afternoon fishing some different spots in the inner Oslofjord.
Rounded off the evening by loosing a nice fish. We were fishing a cliff that leads straight down to a roughly 10 meters deep. Let the Isome hang straight down from the rodtip, had those smaaall takes "dup, dup, dup.." So i decided to strike :) Dead stop! the Stella screamed like crazy for 10 meters.. Then the fish is off.. It happened so quick that i hardly had time to react, but it was definately a nice fish :)