Another quick trip to Bygdøy

When theres not that much time to plan, Bygdøy is the obvious choice of fishing spot. Cant say i ever cought something big there, but i catch fish pretty much every trip, so its an ideal place to fish when one just want to feel the bend in the rod :)
We arrived pretty much just as the sun was setting, quite windy, probably around 7-8m/s onshore winds, swells were kind of heavy and the water level was real high.
Choice of gear today is my absolute favourite rod, all cathegories, the Palms Shore Gun Evolve SS in 991 size (10-30gr 9'6"). Its really hard describing how good this rod performs, it casts far with absolute ease, you feel every flutter of the jig and every nibble from the fish, its really hard to describe, its just something that have to be experienced. The first time i fished with it my woman asked "What ARE you smiling about?!" i didnt even realize that i stood there with a silly smile on my face.. But that rod delivered everything i always wanted from a shore slow jigging rod.. That rod matched up with the Shimano Stella 4000XG FJ is just a dream to fish with.
I fished with a 20gr Slow blatt Wide today as its about 20-25ish meters deep where we fished and i wanted to compensate for the winds a bit. Colours were the mandatory "Sardine" which also resembles a small herring and the "Clear magma" that just have an incredible silver holographic shine. That series of 5, are an amazing setup of shore jiggs.
Due to the wind and waves i decided to fish the absolute bottom layer, working the jig at a maximum of ~1 meter from the bottom. The Slow blatt wide sinks with 90cm/s so getting it to the bottom was pretty quick work. I then just did small 30cm:ish pulls and let it fall outward to hit the bottom again. It didnt take long before the first small Pollock took the jig.
I didnt exspect to catch anthing big here, so thats why the choice of light gear, but the winds also had to be taken into the consideration, thus the 991 model. I kept on fishing and cought 3 more small Pollocks.
Most of the fish took the two forward assist hooks on the fall, which is quite common with the slow blatt wide, it got a really nice fall where it fall outward from the shore. And you can control the fall by lowering the rod and thus feeling every little nibble in the jig.. :) Alot of time if i fish lures without the assist hooks, i feel the take but there is no hookup as the fish attacks the head of the lure. Lots of time you can get the fish hooked on the outside if you are using a lure with just rear hooks, you try to set the hook, the rear hook will then hook the fish from the outside, normally in the head area..
Releasing the fish was a breeze today as the high water created pools of calmer water everywhere. Normally this place is like 50cm above sealevel. But all in all, a windy and slightly cold evening. Nice fishing on light gear, i just wanted to feel the bend in the rod and just enjoy working the Evolv rod and Stella reel, i had a good evening :)